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Search Engine Optimization

You can conveniently depend on us because we are all time ready to serve our customers with whole trust and care. As you know that our group is devoted, elastic, efficient and fully economical. It means we are always ready to help you people in many fields within a friendly atmosphere but strict guidelines as well.

Furthermore, Search Engine Optimization Services are very important for your online business. So it is very important to catch proper guidelines and specialists for Search Engine Optimization. Once you have become the most trustworthy user of Google guidelines, Google will robotically keep you on top rankings and We can assure you that this can only be confirmed by following our rules.

Search Engine Marketing

Mostly people claim that SEM is for the better visibility of your website but according to our Company, it is suggested that SEM is for creating better revenue. That’s why our SEM professional are always ready to offers new ideas and methods that can help the customers and clients to increase good status and revenue on the internet.

Slash Global International Company is one of the best SEM/SEO providers in Pakistan and we are offering our development services as follows:

  • SEO content writing with correct methods
  • Proper HTML/JAVA coding
  • Hyperlinking of proper keywords via SEO skills
  • Submissions of articles in Directories, Link Building, Press Releases
  • PPC Services
  • Social bookmarking

Paid Advertisement-PPC

How advertisement earnings you? however are you able to get true results by PPC advertisement? So you can simply get such online income by Pay Per click ad then you can get many views and customers within days. You have to be with us and start sharing necessity so that we can help you out. PPC is an old method of advertisement and it is still very supportive for people in many parts.

Pay per click or PPC term of on-line advertising during which the user must pay Google for each click on his ad.

  • Bidding of clicks with proper strategies
  • Insertion of proper and highly typed keywords on your ads
  • Paying selective amount to the search engines
  • Analyzing your business techniques
  • Evaluating the most relevant keywords
  • SEO techniques for PPC method

Social Media Marekting

Social media marketing is one of the latest and perfect techniques of your website presentation. The best technique for improving your website’s performance and you can develop the viability of your website day by day. Our Company has specialists of marketing by social media and we can easily make huge incomes within days.

  • Social media marketing supports you to recover the product value of your website
  • It helps to ground your website’s revenue, goods, and database in a modified way.
  • Higher will be the ranking of your website if the bid volume is higher.
  • Thorough monitoring of social media
  • Proper reporting and analysis of Social Media
  • Blog Marketing etc

Local Search Optimization

Online marketing of your business, it is fairly important to let others know about your trade especially to those who are below his same domain as you are, this can be done only if you have correct skills of link building. Our SEO link structure services are very standard and we are always ready to deliver links that are constantly high on traffic and their clicking rate is very worthy.

Our IT Company has the capability to make your online business develop more within days. So, if you are ready to get absolute links to your site then feel free to contact us.

  • Directory Submission
  • Submission of Articles
  • Posting Blog Comments
  • One way links
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Press Release submission
  • Promotion Through Video