Terms and Conditions

Slash Global International

  • Slash Global will deliver a draft website to client in 7 days after confirmation.
  • Upon receiving the draft website, client must inform Slash Global of all the amendments needed in 7 days. Failure to do so mean client is satisfied with the website, and no further amendments are allowed.
  • Website design amendment(s) requested by client will be completed by Slash Global within 7 days. Request of initial website design amendments is limited to one (1) time only.
  • After website is confirmed and published, any request for amendments is extra chargeable for per page.
  • Slash Global reserves the right to refuse to any troubleshooting or content update request, if you have amended the codes in website template files.

For Instant Design package with Monthly Update Add-on subscription:

  • Each subscription is limited to one (1) content update request to one (1) site per month.
  • Content update requests only apply to the pages that have been created using Instant Design service.
  • Content update requests only eligible for updating/replacing text and images. Amendment on web design layout, templates and additional pages are not applicable.